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Growth Newsletter Tactic Ideas

Hello dear DC subscriber 👋

Every year we generate 104 actionable startup growth tactics and insights in our newsletter.
We're humble enough to know that we don't know everything. We need experts like you actively trying new things across various channels and industries.
As a thank you for giving us an idea we feature, we'll credit you and link to you/your startup.

What we need from you

- The core concept - Short description - Where I can learn more (optional)
That's it really.
You don't need to write the tactic if you don't want to. This alone is is helpful.
But I won't say no to more details, data, or examples.

What a "growth tactic" consists of

Here's a snapshot of a few of our tactics:
Generally a few minute read around a singular concept, framework, or idea.

These can be

- Teardown of a unique marketing campaign - In-the-wild tactical ideas/examples - Overview of a framework (6 ways to go viral from Contagious or the Hooked model) - Breakdown of a core idea/concept - Cheatsheets/templates - An actionable way to solve a problem
The general topic theme revolves around growing startups.

How I would describe them

- Actionable - Insightful - Novel - Unique (we haven't covered it directly before)

Who it's for

Founders/marketers at early-stage startups. Ecomm. B2B. B2C. Software. Service.
They all read our newsletter. But we do skew mostly software.

The details

Your name

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What's the URL of your business? We'll link to it.

What's the core concept/title?

What's the general idea?

Where can I learn more? (optional)